The Ultimate Network Listing Checklist for 2024

We’re diving deeper into what makes a PartnerStack Network listing stand out.

Getting the most out of your partnership program starts with a great listing in PartnerStack's Network. But it's not just about listing what you do — you need to show why partners should care about joining your program.

PartnerStack’s Network is a hotbed of opportunities, facilitating more than $45M in annual commissions paid to partners. It's a platform where vendors can connect with the right-fit, vetted partners to help promote their products or services while partners can discover lucrative opportunities with top vendors to earn commissions.

In this guide, we're peeling back the layers to reveal what makes a PartnerStack Network listing stand out. We've chatted with Kate Abram, PartnerStack's Senior Network Strategy Manager, to give us the inside scoop on how vendors can make the most of their Partner Network listings.

But before diving in, let's get a quick primer on the PartnerStack Network. 

What is the PartnerStack Network?

The PartnerStack Network is a digital hub where B2B software companies can connect directly and collaborate to increase sales and grow revenue. 

At its core, the Network consists of over 300 software vendors that use PartnerStack's platform and over 80,000 active partners. Vendors who are part of the PartnerStack Network can create marketplace listings for their partnership programs with details like requirements, commission structures and available resources. Partners can then browse these listings on the PartnerStack Marketplace and apply them to the programs that fit their business goals.

Benefits of joining the PartnerStack Network 

The main value of the PartnerStack Network is that it streamlines the process of finding and recruiting new vendor partners. Instead of doing outbound research and outreach, vendors can get exposure to PartnerStack's vast existing partner base through their listing, saving time and effort.

Here’s why joining the PartnerStack Network can benefit SaaS companies and partners alike.  

1. Better fit partnerships for vendors and partners

One of the primary benefits for vendors joining the PartnerStack Network is access to a pool of top-tier B2B partners. 

By joining a partner network, vendors have access to more quality partners, but the reverse is true, too. Partners can browse through the various partner programs, allowing them to select ones that fit best for them. By going after right-fit programs, partners are more likely to invest and succeed in their partnership efforts.  

Abram explains, "When you sign up to PartnerStack as a SaaS client and launch on the Marketplace, you get access to our network of partners right away. PartnerStack is the world's largest B2B Network, not only on the client but also the partner side."

2. Quality control built in 

From high-performing marketing and sales agencies to reputable managed service providers and resellers, the PartnerStack Network is a trusted tool that partnership pros can leverage to grow their business exponentially.

The approval process guarantees that only the best partners are admitted to the Network. This gives vendors confidence and peace of mind as they consider collaborations, knowing that potential fraudulent partners have already been excluded.

An image with a clipboard and a list and two magnifiying glasses beside

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3. Partnership pros in your corner

Building a successful partnership program is tough. It's a lot to handle, from setting up commission structures to creating agreements. That's where the expert support from the PartnerStack team comes in clutch. 

With their guidance, vendors get more technical support when using the platform and can opt-in to higher levels of collaboration through premium tiered support. The PartnerStack Network pros can act as a sounding board and advisors as you navigate every aspect of your program. For example, if you need to tweak some settings or refine agreements, they've got you covered with best practice recommendations.

Plus, their rolodex of contacts within the PartnerStack network is unmatched. They can open doors and warmly introduce you to other big-name SaaS companies or influential publishers you may want to partner with (that have the designated partner tiers rooted in data to back them up). Talking ZoomInfo, Close, Toptal, Brevo — those huge names. 

4. Brand exposure with marketing support

Being listed on the PartnerStack Network is just the start. 

Abram says, "You can use PartnerStack's marketing services to promote your brand when listed in the Marketplace for prospective partners. It's a way to get partners naturally interested in your program."

She adds, "But you can do even more by working with our marketing team. They'll ensure you get maximum exposure through promotions and exclusive content you can't get elsewhere."

In simple terms, PartnerStack's marketing team can help vendors stand out and get noticed by the right partners through targeted campaigns, featured listings, email promotions and custom content tailored for the PartnerStack audience.

Best practices for making your Network listing stand out

A good listing should quickly tell potential partners what makes your program special and why they should join. Focus on your unique benefits, like exclusive access to certain markets or special commission rates and ensure these perks are at the front and center of your listing. 

Whether starting from scratch or updating your partner Marketplace listing, discover more best practices for helping your program get noticed. Review this list and check off the items that you’ve already covered off in your listing. 

1. Clearly define your target audience 

Laser focus on your bullseye customers and the partners best suited to reach them. Refrain from casting too wide a net which can lead to irrelevant applications.

Get granular when describing your ideal customer profile. If you primarily serve mid-market SaaS companies, make that clear on your listing. If you specialize in the healthcare or fintech verticals, highlight it. The more specific, the better partners can self-qualify their fit.

Abram adds, "The clearer you can profile your prime audiences and territories, the higher the quality of partner leads you'll attract." This allows potential partners to evaluate whether their offerings are compatible with your own quickly.

A screenshot of PartnerStack's Network listing in the PartnerStack Marketplace

2. Spotlight your ideal partners profiles

Don't make partners guess whether they'd be a good fit. Go beyond just listing partner types like affiliates or referrers. Dig into the traits, skills and partnership models you covet most. Do you prefer partners deeply embedded in certain industries? Call that out. Do you need partners adept at in-person events and consultation? Say so. Only work with top-tier influencers in your space? Make it clear.

The more you qualify your ideal partners upfront, the better you can separate the wheat from the chaff. Look at how Workable lays out their ideal customer profile. This specificity immediately helps prospective partners self-qualify if their customer base aligns with Workable's sweet spot. 

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3. Be transparent about your commission structure 

When partners join any program, they want to know upfront what’s in it for them. Give your partners the information they need to evaluate their earnings to justify their time and effort investment. 

Abram elaborates, “Be transparent with your commission structure and what you’re willing to offer partners. Partners consider the monetary value of vendor offers because there’s always an opportunity cost for adding new partnerships.”

4. Show off your brand voice 

Sure, commissions and payouts are important. But Abram reminds us not to make your listing a snoozefest of dry numbers and details. She advises, "Have some fun with it too! Throw in a snappy product video or get creative with showcasing your brand personality. Partners dig that stuff — it makes you way more memorable."

A screenshot of Sanebox's Network listing in the PartnerStack Marketplace

Take a look at how Sanebox nails this balance. Their listing lays out the financial incentives upfront with a clear "Offer Structure" section spelling out the juicy commission details partners care about. And then sprinkle in short video snippets that give a sneak peek at their brand's vibe and their product.

So whether it's through a strong brand voice, graphics, videos, or any other multimedia flair — adding that human element resonates well with partners.

5. Optimize for search and discovery

Include relevant terms in your description to increase the chances of appearing when partners search for terms related to your program. But it’s not just about stuffing as many words as possible. PartnerStack allows you to handpick 20 industry categories that fit your solution, such as "cloud storage," "CRM," "marketing automation," etc. This helps attract partners who are already operating in those spaces.

Imagine you offer cybersecurity tools. Including keywords like “cybersecurity,” “compliance,” and “data protection” will put your program on the radar of partners looking to expand into that area. 

Your keyword choices should aim to paint an accurate and informative picture. The more aligned and specific the keywords, the better. 

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