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The Best B2B Software in the Market in 2023

We’re breaking down the year’s best B2B software based on features, integration, usability and more.

If you’re looking to scale and streamline your business, B2B software is an invaluable tool to help operationalize and automate tasks from email marketing automation to customer support to new customer lead generation. But with so many products on the market, it can be tough to choose which software is right for your business operations. To help, we’ve rounded up our top picks for the best B2B software in the market for 2023, broken down by category. Read on if you’re looking to support your business more effectively through the latest and greatest software for your B2B enterprise.

Best accounting software for small to medium-sized businesses: Quickbooks

intuit quickbooks logo

What it offers: Quickbooks is the #1 accounting software for small businesses, with over 3 million users worldwide. Quickbooks is aimed to assist small- to medium-sized businesses with all their finance, bookkeeping, and accounting needs.

Why we like it: It offers features including everything you need to manage your company’s bookkeeping. Track expenses and profitability, manage inventory bills and budgets, and organize receipts and invoices easily and all with one tool. Quickbooks offers a mobile app, multiple logins, and is cloud-based, allowing users to manage expenses from any device.

Pricing: Monthly plans begin at $15 USD or find QuickBooks in the PartnerStack Marketplace for a special offer.

Best project management and planning software (PRM): logo

What it offers: Use to organize projects of any size with one centralized planning software that’s customizable to your internal team’s needs.

Why we like it: offers everything you need to streamline workflows from customized dashboards, easy cloud-based file management, and seamless integration of your other B2B software at cost-effective prices. Task and resource management are made easier with this flexible software.

Pricing: Plans start at $8 USD a user. You can also find on the PartnerStack Marketplace.

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Best cloud-based document management software: PandaDoc

pandadoc logo

What it offers: PandaDoc is a cloud-based, easy-to-use electronic signature software to securely close deals on the go from any device.

Why we like it: Beyond the standard eSignature and approval tracking, PandaDoc offers doc templates that will help every department from HR to legal, plus easy integration with a huge number of other B2B softwares.

Pricing: Monthly plans start at $19 USD per user. Find PandaDoc on the PartnerStack Marketplace.

Best employee help desk software: Freshworks

freshworks logo

What it offers: Freshworks is an employee’s (and customer’s for B2C businesses!) delight SaaS application with features that range from marketing support to IT solutions to help automate some of the peskiest parts of running your business.

Why we like it: They offer a variety of products within their platform that feature an intuitive UI.  From help desk and chat support to email marketing automation software and HR solutions, Freshworks has the tools to unify your team or customer experience.

Pricing: Monthly pricing varies based on tools. Check out Freshworks on the PartnerStack Marketplace

Best B2B eCommerce platform: Shopify Plus

shopify plus

What it offers: Shopify Plus is a fully hosted eCommerce platform with a high degree of flexibility that’s built for scale, making it perfect for high-volume B2B SaaS businesses that want an all-in-one solution.

Why we like it: Compared to the standard Shopify platform, Shopify’s Plus platform offers more customization, flexibility, and scale, with additional access to support and automation. It also offers advanced multichannel capabilities for customer lead generation and selling across social media platforms. In short, it’s the go-to platform for enterprise-level eCommerce businesses.

Pricing: Monthly pricing starts at $2,000 USD.

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Best digital experience platform (DXP): Optimizely 

optimizely logo

What it offers: Described as “the world’s fastest experimentation platform,” Optimizely offers tools for content creation, A/B testing, and personalization that lean heavily on experimentation to grow success.

Why we like it: With a clear UI that anyone can use and a slew of expert tools and add-ons to help create better digital content, Optimizely makes it easy to personalize experiences through data-based marketing efforts at every customer touchpoint. With an enterprise focus, each plan is customized to the exact needs of the business. 

Pricing: Since each plan is custom-made, pricing is available upon request.  

Best customer relationship management (CRM): Salesforce

salesforce logo

What it offers: The world’s leading CRM software, Salesforce offers an easy-to-use suite with tools for everything from increasing sales team productivity to creating efficient marketing campaigns.

Why we like it: Salesforce is a mature customer success software that offers a nearly endless number of features in a simple, mobile-friendly dashboard.

Pricing: Monthly pricing starts at $25 per user for SMBs.

Best collaboration software: Slack

slack logo

What it offers: Slack is an online, cloud-based team collaboration and file sharing software.

Why we like it: It’s a super straightforward messaging platform for internal team communications and can easily be integrated with a huge amount of software. Slack will cut back on your company emails through channels and messaging and add a bit of human touch back to your business communications with custom Giphy and emoticon add-ons. 

Pricing: Professional accounts start at  $7 USD a month

Best cloud storage and file-sharing software: Dropbox

dropbox logo

What it offers: Team collaboration and file sharing are made easy with this cloud-based software.

Why we like it: Simple UI and free versions for individuals make Dropbox entry-level for anyone to use. Additional features include e-signing documents, device syncing, and productivity tools.

Pricing: Professional accounts start at $30 USD per user, monthly.

Best enterprise resource planning software (ERP): Oracle NetSuite

What it offers: For larger businesses, Oracle NetSuite is a complete resource planning software to manage all the financial needs of your company. It offers eCommerce integrations, accounting, and business intelligence tools to streamline your financial department and improve profitability. 

Why we like it: Simple dashboards, reporting, and a variety of role-based permission levels for users make Oracle NetSuite an approachable but fulsome business management software. Beyond resource planning, there are also HR features to help simplify your business. 

Pricing: Pricing is available upon request.

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