Direct Sales Aren’t Enough: Why the Path to SaaS Growth Is Indirect

Most SaaS businesses still build their go-to-market strategies around pulling prospects into their funnel and selling to them directly — but the fastest-growing companies have figured out that people don’t want to buy software directly from them. In this workshop, PartnerStack co-founder and CEO Bryn Jones will show you how the modern buyer's journey is shifting towards indirect channels, how partners help you reach those buyers, and how to scale indirect up into one of your largest revenue channels.
Bryn Jones is the CEO and co-founder of PartnerStack, the #1 rated Partner Management Software on G2 and the only partnerships platform built to support SaaS revenue growth. Founded through Y Combinator in 2015, PartnerStack recently raised a $29 million Series B round of financing to build the future of partnerships, and was rated the #1 on Great Place to Work Canada's 2021 Best Workplaces list. Bryn and PartnerStack are dedicated to changing the way the world sells software, so that every SaaS company can reach its fullest potential.