Partnerships secrets: Cory Snyder teaches partner recruitment

In this webinar, Teamwork.com’s Head of Partnerships, Cory Snyder, spills the tea on how he’s growing his partner program in 2024.

Partnerships secrets revealed

Join us on April 24th at 2PM ET for Scaling Partnerships with Cory Snyder. In this much anticipated webinar, Teamwork.com’s Snyder will share tried and true partnership strategies and tactics he’s winning with in 2024.
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How the Teamwork.com partner team plans to 3x their partner count

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How, with these strategies, this partnerships team will grow their ARR to $850,000

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What providing sales training via PartnerHub LMS actually looks like

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The KPIs and goals this year they’re doubling down on

…and more, told through the lens of partnerships expert Cory Snyder.
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Partnership Secrets Revealed: How I’m Growing Teamwork.com’s Partner Program in 2024

An expert weighs in on how quantity — and then quality — makes a difference at the beginning of your partnerships.