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Elevate your startup to new heights with partnerships and make 2024 your year of growth.

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Partnerships is your GTM cheat code.

Brands you know and love are using PartnerStack to launch smart partnerships. Partnerships is your most efficient growth lever, with higher sales velocity, and a lower cost to acquire compared to direct sales. Join PartnerStack for Startups to launch your first program.

Partnerships drive 33% of the company’s gross profits

"The team at PartnerStack helped us understand the data and build an automated program that supports our partners and our business."
Matthew Sison
Growth Manager

Grew affiliate revenue from 0 to 12% of the company’s subscription revenue in one year

“PartnerStack has made running a 1 person partner program manageable! It saves SO many hours for us.”
James Urie
Senior Partner Manager

Drives 30% of new customers through affiliate marketing

“I know many businesses that will get set up with partnerships software and think they are good for life. It’s not like that. Getting the right partners is really key for the program to be successful.”
Maris Dagis
CEO and Co-Founder

Onboarded 5,000+ partners who now drive 25% of New Trial Starts

“PartnerStack has been essential in building a scalable process for onboarding, engaging and rewarding partners, with a team that’s supported us immensely as we’ve grown partnerships into a major acquisition channel”
Anca Bujor
Channel Partnerships Manager

Sources 40% of partner revenue through the PartnerStack Marketplace

"PartnerStack helped us find the right partners to sell our product. I would definitely recommend PartnerStack to any startup. PartnerStack brings all the tools and the resources that you need to run a successful partner program."
Ovi Negrean
CEO and Co-Founder

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Before you apply, please check to see if you meet the qualification criteria:
New PartnerStack Customer
Previous or active customers do not qualify
B2B SaaS and have less than 50 employees
No established partner program
Up to $5M in funding, and less than 5 years old
(applications are now closed)


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